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Daniela Forti was born in Rome in 1960, where she graduated from the School of Art. Very young, she studied and learned in the artisan shops of the capital the techniques of the art of glass. In 1982 she moved to Tuscany, where she opened her studio. It is in this context that she refines and develops a completely personal research, based on the relationship between light-glass.

I love my work, I express myself with color, transparency and the light of glass, a material so dangerous and difficult to manipulate but which is also a wonderful, almost magical material. I remember that the inspiration for working glass came from looking at glass blowers and the creative process, from that moment onwards what started as a dream came true.

Throughout my life, expressing myself artistically has been a need, which could not be ignored, so I spent years learning everything that gravitated around glassmaking techniques: from leaded glass, Tiffany technique, welding techniques, paintings. Finally, I discovered the fusion, within no time at all the melting of the glass in the oven was becoming part of me and it could no longer be denied.

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