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Combining artistic vision and technical know-how, this Vie en Rose table from Daniela Forti’s Jellyfish Collection uses a technique known as glass fusing to net a truly seaworthy statement. Artisans melt the glass at high temperatures and then let it slowly cool with the help of gravity—giving the piece a fluid, jelly-like feel. For more designs inspired by coastal critters, turn to page 64.

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For Milan Design Week 2021.

Artemest presents a curated exhibition of bespoke artisanal pieces inspired by water: never-before-seen design objects, elevated to artworks, on view at the prestigious Senato Hotel Milano

Milan, August 2021 For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents AQVA: a gallery-like exhibition of never-before-seen artworks and design pieces inspired by the theme of water, handmade by Italian artisans and showcased in a gallery-like setting at the exclusive Senato Hotel Milano. Italian design and craftsmanship celebrate the city of Milan through a reinterpretation of its ancient waters: the project, under the artistic direction of Milanese architects Ciarmoli Queda Studio, stems from the desire to bring the hidden waters of the city to the surface, drawing the eye to celebrate the importance of water as a source of life and energy. “We decided to explore one of the most mysterious elements of the city of Milan, revisiting it through the eyes of master craftsmen and designers to create an immersive, visually stunning experience conceived as a museum exhibition. Each work comes alive through the most distinctive attributes of water: reflection, transparency, movement and fluidity said Ippolita Rostagno, founder and Creative Director of Artemest. The exhibition features handcrafted pieces from all over Italy, meant to surprise and fascinate the viewer.

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The Aqva water source by Daniela Forti is glass artwork depicting water as a ceaseless source of life whose flow won’t stop. The photoluminescence technology featured in the piece allows it to shine in the dark for several hours, exponentially emphasizing its sculptural appeal.


She lives and works in Tuscany, in the Chianti area, where she created her works of art by glass fusing. After experience as an interior decorator, she fell in love with glass and its plasticity and dedicated herself to moulding it into fluid forms, individualizing a personal interpretation of this malleable substance.Leggi di più

IL VETRO OGGI IN ITALIA A cura di JEAN BLANCHAERT a Villa Necchi Campiglio Milano



Dripping Glass Fusion “Jellyfish” Sculptures by Daniela Forti

Artist Daniela Forti lives and works in Chianti, Tuscany where she produces these fantastic artworks of dripped glass. She refers to the pieces as “Jellyfish” because of their undulating tentacles that are formed by hand through a melted glass fusion process. Each piece appears to balance like a small platter or table atop colorful, spindly drips that somehow manage to support the weight above. Many examples of her work are on view (and also available) over at Artemest.


This crystal jellyfish sculpture is the only accessory your home needs

by Reecha KulkarniAug 16, 2017 This captivating installation will keep the conversation flowing, and your average coffee table can’t compete. Italian artist Daniela Forti blends glass with crystal to craft luminous jellyfish stands.

Tentacles intertwine and create a tangled base for the floating glass, in this series of sculptural installations. The artist explains the unique glass fusion technique on her website, saying that heating crystal and glass with coloured composites like enamel creates wondrous patterns when cooled down.

Watch colours bounce off the dripping crystal – you wouldn’t need to accessorize this table.


Italian artist Daniela Forti employs a unique glass-fusion process to create glass jellyfish sculptures that drip with elegance.

Based in beautiful Tuscany, Italian artist Daniela Forti employs a unique glass-fusion technique to delicately craft luminous works of art.Referred to as “sculpture installations,” each piece showcases the artist’s innovative methods and interest in light. While this inventive approach to the age-old process of glass-working is evident in her entire oeuvre, it is most beautifully apparent in her ongoing series of luminous glass jellyfish sculptures. Leggi di più

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“Glass jellyfish” that makes you feel relaxed when you look at it

Every single form is different. A wide variety of colors. And its appearance is like a jellyfish floating in the sea.

These glass arts were created by Daniela Forti,Leggi di più

MAVA – Museo de Arte en Vidrio de Alcorcón MAVA

It is the new and dazzling collection of an Italian artist who portrays the marine species and transforms it into amazing furniture.
Despite the fact that Daniela Forti has been involved in the wonderful world of glass for more than 30 years, only in the last few days has her name been able to cross borders and position herself as one of the most demanding artists around the world when it comes of the amazing glass art industry.Leggi di più


If you think “glass is just for everyday use,” there are works that will change your mind. This mysteriously shaped glass art is a work of an Italian artist. Her name is Daniela Forti. The work created by the unique technique she uses is like a jellyfish. She uses glass and “something” to create such beautiful art.Leggi di più



Daniela Forti was born in Rome, where she studied architecture and interior design. When she moved to Tuscany and opened her workshop there, she started collaborating with glassmakers and researching the dualism between light and glass. Leggi di più


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